Qui som?

Galenicum was founded in Barcelona in 2003, when three friends in their twenties decided to start up in the pharmaceutical sector, with the mission of keep improving the quality and affordability of medicines worldwide.

Even though in the beginning, the business of Galenicum was limited to trading of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for generics’ companies in Spain, the activity very quickly expanded to encompass the full value chain, including: research and development, regulatory affairs, manufacturing and supply of a broad range of medicines in any part of the world.

Galenicum’s positioning as ‘specialty pharma’ sums up its ambition in research and development, as well as in operations to fulfil its purpose: combine a healthy growing business with a strong social commitment to improve people’s health and lives. An entrepreneurial free spirit along with a close, reliable and flexible service to clients, have driven a conscious growth since day one. Today, Galenicum has become a global ecosystem of several businesses with commercial presence in over 50 countries.

Galenicum is an ambitious project based on friendship and continues its adventure to bringing further innovation to products in the years to come. Its greatest asset is the talent of its team of young, committed, creative, resourceful and highly professional employees.

Vision, Values & Culture
“Believe in Life” is our working style. We are enthusiastic about life, devoting our talent and effort to provide high-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and nutritional supplements worldwide. We are a growing company, and we are constantly looking for talent to join our team. People are the key to our success, so we carefully select candidates that meet the requirements for each position but most importantly, who also fit into our cultural DNA and values..

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