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BETWEEN Technology is a multinational consultancy that has been offering comprehensive services and technological solutions for more than 20 years. Our company has a double purpose: we meet the expectations of our customers as well as provide an environment for our workers to develop professionally. BETWEEN Technology was born as a result from the merger of SOLID Engineering and ADICIONA Servicios Informáticos.

SOLID was founded in 2000 and evolved from the design of machinery and the automation of industrial processes to product design, giving service to the entire production cycle, from design to industrialization processes. As of 2007, the company incorporated consultancy and outsourcing services in various branches of engineering, so that at the time of the merger it had a team of more than 150 consultants with extensive experience in both Engineering and Operations.

ADICIONA founded in 2003, it offered customized IT consulting services for medium and large companies. In the beginning, it developed an outgoing mail filter to automate compliance with the LSSI. In 2007, they added technology profile selection services to their portfolio. At the time of the merger they had a team of more than 90 people.

Our companies decided to join forces in July 2015 to improve the day to day lives of our customers. The result is BETWEEN Technology, which combines the expertise of both companies, allowing us to offer technological consulting services in mechanical and electrical engineering, IT and development of software, operations and continuous processes (chemical and petrochemical). Our goal is to lead the technological consulting market through our experience in the industry and the commitment of the staff of our company.

In November 2019, we became part of The Talent Club, an international association of best-in-class companies representing top talent in the fields of Sports, Entertainment, Engineering, Technology and Business Management. As a result, we became one of the member companies of this exclusive talent representation club.

The Talent Club is a group of entrepreneurs specialized in representing Talent, focusing on 4 main areas of high demand such as athletes, artists, engineers and managers. TTC undoubtedly provides the successful experience and the ethical complement that we need to continue advancing on the path that will lead us to be among the best. Along with them, we are committed to speeding up our international expansion and strengthening our leadership alongside partners relevant to a modern perspective in the category of Talent Representation.

In BETWEEN we find the best way to meet the expectations of our clients, offering our workers a professional career through outsourcing and technological solutions and services. The range of services we offer extends to all continents and covers different sectors of the global economy, from industrial to service companies.

Join us as we write the next chapter of our story!

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